Turbine Micro Hydro X-Flow T-15 D225
Turbine Micro Hydro X-Flow T-15 D225

A) Like the T-15 D300, the performance and profile of the T-15 D225 hydraulics is based on the T-15 D300 research that has been done at ITH Universitat Stuttgart, Germany.


B) In 2000 Heksa initiated itself to produce a T-15 series turbine with a smaller diameter of D225 (diameter of 225 mm runner). The T-15 D225 is suitable for applications in uneconomic capacity and discharge when using the T-15 D300.


C) From 2001 to late 2007, 47 T-15 D225 units have been installed. Two T-15 D225 units have been successfully installed internationally and operate well up to now for Long Lawen MHP in Sarawak, Malaysia (10 kW, 2001) and MHP Saloy, Davao City, Mindanao, Philippine (25 kW, 2002), MHP Balea, Negros, Philippine (30 kW, 2007). Two T-14 D150 units have been installed for MHP Mokondiba, Cameroon (2 kW and 4 kW, 2002) drives a multi stage pump for clean water supply at Mokondiba Manyemen. In 2008 two units are still in production process to be shipped to Sabah-Malaysia.


D) The T-15 D225 has a standard double-drive shaft to be more flexible in productive enduse applications. Extra shaft drives can be used for propulsion: water pumps, flour mills and rice mills.